Political career and activism

Following the documentary, Yousafzai was interviewed on the national Pashto-language station AVT Khyber, the Urdu Aaj Daily, and Canada’s Toronto Star.On 19 August she returned to Capital Talk, where she reiterated her desire to become a politician, naming Benazir Bhutto as an inspiration. She reportedly criticized President Zardari on television, saying

“At times I think if Zardari’s daughter were studying in Swat the schools would have never shut down.

Her BBC blogging identity was being revealed in articles as early as December 2009.She also began appearing on television to publicly advocate for female education.But Yousafzai’s recognition seems to have been taking off not only because of her own actions, but also because of her father, who had become known as one of the few people to stand up against the Taliban. “Those were the most terrible days – the darkest in our history,” her father said. “We spared no efforts to speak up against terrorism and that struggle brought us into the limelight”. As for Yousafzai, her father says she

“got influenced by what was going on and gradually she joined me in our struggle against extremism”


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