My purpose is to serve humanity

In late 2009, Yousafzai’s political career appears to have started. A video dated 22 December 2009 shows Yousafzai entering an assembly room full of children who rise and begin clapping as they see her. She takes her chair at a table onstage where, behind her, a large banner reads District Child Assembly Swat.A UNICEF video from the following year explains. The assembly was established by the Khpal Kor Foundation in 2009 with the support of UNICEF, to provide “a unique opportunity for young people to voice their concerns about child right’s issues, and to present solutions to address these concerns.” The video goes on to highlight Yousafzai, the chair of the assembly, and her opinion of the discussion. “It was a good experience for the girls that they can share their views in front of the stakeholders, the non-governmental and governmental organizations”, she says. She appears to have held the position through at least November 2011.


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